• Supported by The University of Alabama’s Crossroads Community Center, Critical Language Center, and Center for Community-Based Partnerships and by Tuscaloosa’s One Place.

• Conducts Chinese and Japanese culture lessons, hands-on activities, field trips and pen-pal programs.

• Provides multicultural learning experiences for elementary children.

• Connects international students with American culture.

• Engages elementary children and university students in intercultural learning.

Number of Participants Served: January 2013-May 2015 = 6,139
Number of Contact Hours: January 2013-May 2015 = 9,542

Volunteer opportunities include:

Activity Assistants Assist with weekly culture workshops in elementary schools. Instructors: Teach intercultural workshops using Heart Touch lesson plans.

Research Assistants Collect and analyze data.

Managers Recruit volunteers, manage volunteer database, and coordinate communication for one elementary school.

Contact hearttouchprogram@gmail.com for more information!