Engaged Learning Facilitation Series

Completed over one semester

Engaged Learning is the process of prioritizing the learner within educational spaces. By focusing on the fundamentals of effective facilitation and content delivery, we can create experiences that invite diverse perspectives and increase the recall of concepts. Our brand of workshop design and facilitation relies heavily on active engagement, purposeful use of music, and unique visual aids.

The Engaged Learning Facilitation Series takes place weekly throughout each semester. The 1-hour sessions cover a variety of facilitation theories and techniques. Participants who attend at least 10 of 13 sessions in a semester will be certified as an Engaged Learning Facilitator by UA Crossroads.

Facilitation Stations

1.5 - 2 hours

UA Crossroads is proud to support partners across campus and the community in their Engaged Learning goals. Facilitation Stations are staff-led sessions covering the basics of facilitating, along with important "Do's and Don'ts." These sessions are designed to be introductions or refreshers for students, staff, or faculty groups that regularly deliver content on campus, and are seeking ways to improve their technique and increase effectiveness.

Partner Consultations

By Appointment

Given the wide array of programs and initiatives at the University of Alabama, not all goals or needs can be met with standard modules or training sessions. In these cases, Crossroads staff can provide individual consultation on topics including: Engaged Learning, facilitation strategies, workshop design, and best practices.

UA Crossroads knows that collaborative work can increase reach and effectiveness of campus and community programs. As such, our office is proud to offer Engaged Learning consultation as one more way we work alongside partners and support our community.

Let us know how we can support your Engaged Learning goals!

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