Our Programs

Engaged Learning

Engaged Learning focuses on encouraging diverse perspectives within learning environments in order to effectively deliver content and build skills for campus and community partners.

Sustained Dialogue

Sustained Dialogue is a program that helps students discuss important social issues, get to know one another, and work on those social issues together.

Better Together

Instead of seeing personal beliefs as differences that divide, the Crossroads Interfaith Initiative draws on the work of the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC.org), to advance a view of religious and philosophical traditions as bridges for cooperation and understanding.


The Community and Inclusive Values workshops (CIVshops) are interactive experiences developed by UA Crossroads to build skills for community life and to foster civic responsibility.

Campus Dialogues

The Campus Dialogues are a weekly opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to engageĀ  one another about important issues related to identity, currentĀ  events, and campus life.