We would love to have your talents and good energy join us at the Crossroads Community Center!

We seek students from a variety of backgrounds and majors who wish to share our dedication to establishing intercultural relationships and acquiring intercultural knowledge.

Each student is encouraged to share his or her experience, creativity and vision as part of the Crossroads team. To get started, contact us via the contact form to the left or message us on social media!

One of the best ways to get involved at Crossroads to come attend our events and experience for yourself the inclusive campus that we're working to build. Sign up to receive our weekly newsletter and learn more about our upcoming events.

Crossroads Community Center offers many programs throughout the year that invite individuals to share their cultural traditions and learn about one another. Most prominent among these programs have been African American History Month, Hispanic Latino Heritage Month, and International Education Week. Through these programs, individuals can share the paths they have traveled to come here, sharing the many cultures and faiths that make us one of the nation’s great international universities and enhancing the richness of the student experience. We invite students, faculty, staff and community members of all cultures and social identities to join us in intercultural engagement at UA.

Stop by Crossroads soon and tell us how you want to be involved. For complete information about Crossroads, go to www.crossroads.ua.edu.

Students from throughout campus and many faith and belief traditions gather to discuss issues as part of the Interfaith Initiative sponsored by Crossroads Community Center.
Serve Better Together | Fall 2016